Saturdays are the new Sundays

What a glorious start to the MotoGP 2020 season! I cannot write about motorcycling without mentioning the aliens that are those racers. Seeing as almost every weekend from now until November will have either MotoGP or WSBK race weekend, I hereby declare that all Sunday breakfast runs will be held on Saturdays for the rest of 2020 (Apologies to the club ride leaders if this causes issues…whoops)

We took the opportunity at short notice after a quick glance at the weather on Friday evening to take a ride out to Hermanus on the Saturday. Skies were blue, Earth was dry (mostly), and Pumbaa was looking for attention. We didn’t have to rendezvous with anyone, and left home at 07:45. Going through Somerset West, we were caught up by a group of 5 GS’s of various ages and sizes, but all similar in the fact that you could read their excitement through their body language.

After Botrivier, we turned right onto a gravel road at Dassiesfontein Farmstall. There is an old “road closed” sign post there I’m told, but I must have blinked at that moment because I just saw a beautiful gravel road flanked by an endless sea of Canola fields. Cruising through the landscape, we came to our first river crossing of the Swartrivier. Now I told you before that Ruxi and I are fairly new to travelling off the beaten track “two -up” and I have read up on a lot of advice in the interim. Since I’m not one to miss an opportunity to use my freshly gained knowledge, I thought to apply the number 1 rule about river crossings that you’re not familiar with. Without hesitation, I pulled up to the river and sent Ruxi to wade through and explore the terrain, lest Pumbaa loses his steady footing.

After that, we continued to sweep through the farmlands, passing only a few farm houses and coming out at the tarred, Shaw’s Mountain Pass. A right turn and a curvaceous mountain pass took us down through the Hemel-en-Aarde Valley to deliver us into Hermanus. On our return loop, I thought I’d take the Rotary Way out of Hermanus but alas, we were met with the imposing locked gates of Hamilton Russell Vineyards. We weren’t too heartsore because it meant we would have to retrace our steps and ride back along the spine overlooking Hermanus. After going back up through the Hemel-en-Aarde, we turned left onto the Karwyderskraal Pass for almost 10km through farmland and over a mountain plateau to reach the Bot River estuary on the western side.

That would mark the end of the dirt roads for today, as we went on along the coastal route towards the splendid Clarence Drive. After which, we had lunch at The Grille Shack at the Pit Stop, who were serving a limited menu as take-aways that we ate out front. Unfortunately we couldn’t get any dessert for lunch, but Ruxi knew a good spot for a milkshake in Sea Point called My Sugar, which has the most sinful delicacies you could think of. Coming from Somerset West on the N2, I knew exactly how to get there. Swing off onto the M3, and take Rhodes Drive to Constantia Nek, then onto Suikerbossie and Victoria Road extending all the way around the coast to the eventual milkshakes! I’m on a bike, go figure.

For those still reading, that little trip was 360km 7 hours with 2 lunch stops included.

Till next time,