Notice of A.G.M. and Monthly Meeting of BMWMCC 29th March 2022 at 19H00

Notice of A.G.M. and Monthly Meeting 29th March at 19H00

BMW Motorrad Club Cape
Notice of Annual General Meeting                                         
29th March 2022 at 19H00

Notice of  [AGM] Annual General Meeting is hereby served on the date [15th Feb 2022] of publishing on the official club website as per the club constitution.

Business shall be conducted in the following order:
• Notice convening the meeting
• Attendance
• Apologies
• Chairman’s Report
• Treasurer’s Report
• Motions submitted
• Nominated Committee members
• Club Members vote for Committee

To submit a motion for A.G.M. follow the procedure as below:
1. All Motions need to be received in writing by the secretary at least 14 days before the Annual General Meeting
2. Such Motions need to have a proposer and a seconder who should both be club members in good standing
3. The proposer should write the proposal under the heading “Proposal” and the motivation for such proposal under the heading “Motivation”
4. The proposer will be given the opportunity to speak to the Proposal at the meeting
5. The Motion will be voted on at the meeting

The Committee shall be elected at an Annual General Meeting.

Nominations must be called for at a General Meeting at least one month immediately prior to the Annual General Meeting.
Nominations are to be made by a proposer and a seconder, and the nomination must be accepted by the nominee.
The Secretary shall record all such nominations.
If more nominations than vacancies on the committee are received, the Committee shall be elected by a secret ballot of the members present at the Annual General Meeting. The nominees relative to the vacancies receiving the highest number of votes shall be the Committee for the coming year. The Committee so elected shall at its first meeting after the Annual General Meeting, elect the office bearers from their members, and decide on the portfolios of the additional member

Minutes of previous A.G.M.