Member Benefits


Membership is open to anyone who owns or has an interest in BMW motorcycles. Currently the Club has more than 75 members. The Club is affiliated to the International Council of BMW Motor Cycle Clubs via BMW Clubs Africa and as such enjoys wide recognition and support.


Get access to exclusive features & events

Why you should join

  • Properly organized rides with medics and backup vehicle when group sizes dictate the necessity thereof, where safety comes first.
  • We provide training events and ongoing riding coaching to improve the skill, confidence and safety of our members.
  • We cater for all riding-skill levels, from novice to expert.
  • Road tours, breakfast runs, off-road novice rides, extreme adventure tours, gravel or sand-dune, multi-day tour or offroad skills refresher training, we have it all.
  • Access to a trailer for bike recovery, where this is provided.
  • Great fellowship with like-minded riders – our events are good clean fun.
  • Discounts and special offers for members on presentation of their membership card at select suppliers.


Member Discounts

We are in the process of securing discounts with various suppliers which will be added below as we secure rates.