Official Club

BMW Motorrad Club Lowveld is a founding member of BMW Clubs Africa,
and is proud to be recognised as an OFFICIAL BMW CLUB.

Our Vision

  • BMW Motorrad Club, Lowveld want’s to create BMW Brand awareness, associated with Safe Driver Skills and Passion for Motorcycling;
  • BMW Motorrad Club, Lowveld want’s to be a Club that value FAMILY and engage in Family participation;
  • BMW Motorrad Club, Lowveld will strive to support Community and Charity Organizations;
  • Our members will commit to the VISION by Promoting at all times integrity, respect and the LOVE for riding.


Our Mission

  • BMW Motorrad Club, Lowveld specific PURPOSE is to engage and communicate at all times with our Members;
  • BMW Motorrad Club, Lowveld will organize safe and memorable rides to our members;
  • All Club matters will be transparent to our members and create trust and respect among each other;
  • Everything we do as a Club will benefit all members and have UNITY in the Club;
  • Our members are unique therefore each member will have the opportunity to engage on all levels of the Club.


Living the Lifestyle –
The African Way

BMW Clubs Africa is the Umbrella organisation for BMW Clubs in Africa. It is a member of the International Council of BMW Clubs. Club
life in Africa can be traced back to 1981 when the BMW Club of South Africa was formed in Johannesburg, representing both cars and motorcycles. In 1983/4 the Club became a member of the International Council. The umbrella Club for Africa was formalised in 1989 and restructured in 1994, and Club Africa was created to be the representative body of its Member Clubs.

In line with the Constitution of the International Council’s constitution; the club’s philosophy is to attain and retain members for the following reasons:

  • Club events in a democratic manner. 
  • To conduct club events in an exemplary and responsible manner.
  • To support, encourage and take part in cultural and social activities.
  • To provide a special image to the public including compliance with traffic laws and regulations.
  • To assist fellow club members and BMW drivers and riders in distress.
  • To always seek to improve driving skills and drivers’ and riders’ responsibility to others.
  • To maintain their vehicles in the best possible condition for the safety of all concerned and aesthetics in order to reflect BMW values.

Clubs structure
World Wide

Almost 75 years after the first BMW car was built, BMW AG is on an unprecedented expansion course. The BMW Club community is also gearing up for the challenges of the future. The new international BMW Club structure has been divided into three regional sections since 01/01/2004: Europe, America and Asia-Pacific-Africa. Within these sections, the individual BMW Clubs are grouped together in national and regional umbrella organizations. An international section has also been created for the BMW classic and type clubs, which is intended to preserve the historic value of the brand. The club structure is now based more closely on the global BMW sales structure and the intention is to deliver more efficient cooperation and support for both sides. The new structure is also supposed to make it easier for individual clubs that are not members of the umbrella organizations to join up.

The BMW Clubs International Council (previously International Council of BMW Clubs) has been given a new structure from 01/01/2004 to reflect the current organizational framework. The new Council has 20 delegates. Europe is represented by the BMW Club Europa e.V. and will nominate up to four delegates on the basis of membership numbers. America, including Latin America, and the Asia-Pacific-Africa Section will each nominate a maximum of five delegates. BMW AG will also be represented by four delegates. The International BMW Classic and Type Clubs Section will be represented by two delegates.

The relationship with BMW AG is managed via BMW Classic.


BMW Classic

A clear customer orientation, a greater range of services and a strengthening of the brand appearance are the central challenges taken on by BMW Classic. BMW thus sets a clear trend in the growing market for historic vehicles and parts. Fascinating vehicles, innovative technical concepts and clever minds highlight the company’s over 90-year history. Keeping this exciting history alive has been recognized as a strategic task for BMW since 1994. BMW Classic responds to the growing volume and increasing importance of the market for classic vehicles with a new active focus of its functions and services. At its centre is an even stronger customer orientation, as evident in a wide range of offers available in the market. The entire appearance fits in with the company’s modern corporate identity. The range of classic vehicle parts on offer will be increased and the distribution structure for classic spares improved and extended. An essential prerequisite for this is the close cooperation with trade organizations and BMW Clubs. Cooperation with the markets in this sector will also be intensified. The aim is to provide customers with a clear overview of the available range of classic original BMW parts in retail and to make ordering easy. An essential element in this process is the integration of the worldwide club organisations. Another important step is the creation of the BMW Classic Center offering a comprehensive range of services to end customers. More and more customers want to use a classic vehicle without having to forego the manufacturer’s service provision. BMW Classic meets the desire for maintenance dependability and familiar BMW quality standards. In addition, it is envisaged in the medium term to set up a BMW sales structure for classic vehicles. Classic BMW vehicles will be certified by BMW Classic, thus providing customers with a measure of certitude when buying and selling.

A significant milestone is the opening of the BMW Museum on 21 June 2008. In cooperation with BMW Welt and the BMW main production plant, the BMW Museum close to the famous “four-cylinder” headquarters is no attracting visitors from all over the world and bearing witness to the high regard in which the brand’s history is held within the company as a whole