Latest News! 14th May, 2020 – Mountain Passes South Africa

The week that was

This week we you take on a scenic ride (since you can’t go yourself) through an area known as the Klein Langkloof and where we stop in at Katot Meyer’s private nature reserve to reconnect with the botanist William Burchell who manouvered his narrow wheel base oxwagon through this valley in 1811. There is a four piece video set packed with historical information, so sit back with your favourite tipple (if you still have any left) and enjoy some fresh country air via your device or PC. You’ll need about 20 minutes.

* Quick catch up on latest media and social media trends
* New product successful in first week – MPSA VOX
* Another new services offering from MPSA – DIGITAL MARKETING
* A step closer to our first virtual tour app. – VOICE MAP
* Podcast – Burchell’s Oxwagon Route *…