Lamberts Bay trip – 27-28 Feb 2021 by Daleen Van Zyl

As I woke up early Saturday morning, a wave of excitement was running through every single fiber of my existence. Today we leave on our weekend trip to Lamberts Bay! After a welcoming cup of coffee, we got up and started to get ready to leave for the Swartland 1-Stop, from where our trip will start.
Arriving there way before take-off time, we met up with fellow riders and settled for breakfast and coffee at the Wimpy (more coffee – I would need to get rid of this before the ride starts!). Meeting absolutely amazing and awesome new friends, people who I can relate to, I knew this would be a great weekend!
This is my second BMW trip with the club, first weekend trip. And knowing my very capable biking partner, I knew I was in safe hands.
After breakfast, we chilled a bit outside, some taking smoke breaks and some others running off to the “ladies” and “gents” before the ride. Close to start time, Ian called us together and briefed us on safety measures and riding formation. He handed over to Karen who took us through the route and where we will stop to re-fuel and have lunch. After the brief, we all hurried to get kitted up so that we are not left behind when the leader starts the ride.
We left Swartland 1-Stop and headed towards Philadelphia, turning onto the R302. Our route took us onto the Vryguns Road, passing Paardeberg Cellar (mental note to go taste their red wines), then heading past Windmeul, Malmesbury, Riebeeck Kasteel, Hermon, Gouda and then Porterville, where we stopped for lunch at Koppikofi.

As a pillion, I had the privilege to lose myself in the beautiful scenery along the road. Watching the kestrels either flying or sitting on telephone poles, admiring the farm life along the road and just felt free with the wind humming past me … talking about wind! On the piece of road from Hermon to Gouda, the wind was horrendous! Even I had to concentrate on that piece of road to not be blown off the bike! Karen was riding in front of us, leaning sharp towards the right to try and counter the effect of this hostile wind, quickly countering the change of wind direction when a truck came roaring past.
After our stop in Porterville, we went through Eendekuil and savored the fresh smell of Rooibos Tea hanging in the air around this little village. A little gem in the middle of nowhere. At Eendekuil, we turned left towards the mountains outside Piketberg and made our way towards Elandsbaai. From there, navigating our way through a few Stop/Go sections, we headed towards Lamberts Bay. It was hot! As we descended towards the coast, the cool sea breeze of Lamberts Bay greeted us.
This beautiful little west coast “dorpie”, has a character of its own and is well known for its white beaches, wildlife and lobster. It is therefore no surprise that it is proclaimed as “the Diamond of the West Coast”. Although Lamberts Bay is well known for its fishing community, it is also a well-established tourist attraction because of its moderate all-year climate. A beautiful little place indeed.
We arrived at the Lamberts Bay Hotel. Our resting place for the weekend. The bikes were pulled in behind the hotel, where they will have a well-deserved rest.
The one big advantage of travelling by bike, is that you cannot take a lot of luggage. So, we only had to make one trip to reception and our hotel room. Bag over the shoulder, helmets hooked over my arm and that’s it – what a pleasure!
After checking in, we went to our room, cleaned up and got into some more comfortable clothes – biker clothes, no matter how handsome you look in them, can be very hot and uncomfortable and is not my favourite to hang out in with friends.
After some good chilling, we met up with our fellow roadie and dirty bikers (have I mentioned the off-road group joined us at the hotel?) and we chilled in the bar, laughed, shared stories and jokes and just had a good and relaxing time before the bus came to pick us up. Yes, the bus, because we were booked at the Muisbosskerm for a luxurious dinner and drinks, the way only the West Coast people can do it.

Believe me there was variety and lots of food! Fish, more fish and even more fish, calamari, Eisbein, sweet potatoes and pumpkin tart and a vegetable stir fry. Oh! And what would a visit to the West Coast be without bokkoms! Not that I particularly enjoy that, but those who likes bokkoms, had a mouthwatering experience.

The whole experience at Muisbosskerm is not always about the tasty food and the drinks. It is also about the beautiful sunset, to “kuier” and exchange experiences, to have serious talks and light hearted chats, to share life experiences and to build new friendships. It is an experience unlike any other. True to the authentic and honest simplicity of no-fuss people. This is one for my memory box that I will keep safe for a long, long time.
Sunday morning, some got up early and some a bit later, the day was started with a good breakfast in the hotel lounge. Routes back home were planned either the night before or right there at the breakfast table.
My biker buddy and I decided to head back via Elandsbaai, Dwarskersbos, Laaiplek and then stopping for a light lunch and coffee at the Riviera Hotel in Velddrift. Encountering about 34 km of road works, we arrived at the hotel and sat there to drink in the last bit of the West Coast air and peacefulness.
After our small lunch break, we headed back home on the West Coast road.
A weekend of lots of riding (yeah!), meeting new friends, sharing awesome experiences and just the bliss of not having to worry about time, is engraved into my memory. It is a good get-away from everyday life and the chase to make a living.
I will see every one of you on our next ride…