Koppikofi Porterville 26th September 2021 by Daleen Van Zyl

Breakfast ride Koppikofi Porterville 26th September

Sunday morning, 5am … I’m wide awake! A bit nervous, but more excited!
Today is my first breakfast ride on my own bike with a bunch of awesome people I fell in love with since I joined the club back in February.
So I got up, made coffee, had a rusk or two, fed my dogs and cats, jumped into my riding gear. I made sure my house was locked up and then I pulled my beautiful ride out of my garage.

Zips closed: check
Hair under control (well, sort of): check
Credit Card: check
Phone: check
Keys: check
Fuel: che … no … will fill up at the starting venue. Will check later.

Taking one or two deep breaths, I glide out of my drive way, close the gate, stall the engine (purely out of nervousness), and off I go.
Making my way onto the N1, I’m glad it is early on a Sunday morning. Not so much traffic. The trip to Engen Plattekloof is a short one. I pull into the fuel station, spot the pink stripes of my sister’s riding jacket, and sigh of relief because I made it here. I fill up my blue horse, pay and make my way to where the rest of the guys are parked.

The normal morning chatter of a breakfast run, is a welcoming noise. I so missed it while I was getting my riding skills up to a standard where I feel comfortable to join the club. So now I can get my TITS in every second Sunday with the club as well. This is good experience!
A few club members came to admire my beautiful blue horse and I am so proud, I can only smile. I just love that blue bike of mine!
Time for the ride briefing and Carl reminded us about the staggered formation we ride, and that we will keep to the speed limit. He took us through the route he planned and send us off to get geared up and on our bikes.

The familiar sound of BMW bikes starting up was music to my soul. I waited until all riders took off and I fall in just in front of Rouèn, with Hannalie as his pillion. They were the sweepers for this ride.

Navigating our way through the little traffic there was, we got onto the N1. Riding a comfortable pace, the group stayed together very well and we headed towards the Klapmuts turn off, heading for Wellington. We had a quick stop at the James Sedgwick Whisky Distillery in Wellington where most of us took photos and some had a smoke break. After about 10 minutes, we got onto our bikes, onto the Gouda/Hermon road, heading for the Porterville turn off. We had a quick re-group at the turn off to make sure everyone is still with us, and then we made our way to Porterville, where we will stop at Koppikoffi for coffee and breakfast.


Arriving at our breakfast venue, everyone was looking for a place to park their bikes. Rouèn and I got onto the pavement where we parked out bikes so that we could just ride forward off the pavement after the event.

Koppikoffi had a long breakfast table prepared for us and we chose where we wanted to sit. Three bikers from Redelinghuys also joined us and sat by us at the table. Good to meet new people and it also turned out that the one guy knows my parents. All of us enjoyed this breakfast very much. The lady from the restaurant, had to work very hard to get all the coffee orders and breakfast orders out so that we don’t have to wait too long. It seems that she was a little bit overwhelmed by all the people, but at the end, everyone got their breakfast and coffee. The best of these breakfasts, is the meeting of new people, catching up on stories and past events, sharing jokes and just the general getting out and socializing with good people.

After breakfast, everyone headed back home on their own or in groups. Our small group of 2 bikes and 3 people, headed back to the Gouda/Hermon road and took the route back via Riebeek Kasteel and Malmesbury.

This was a lovely day and I thoroughly enjoyed myself on my first breakfast run (on my own bike). This is for sure, the first of many beautiful kilometres on my pretty blue horse!