John Hamman (Ex Hamman Motorrad) BMW Parts for sale

Attached is my List of Parts Etc. Contact me on [email protected]

Please note;

  1. Preferably Search by Part Nr as descriptions may vary
  2. I do my best to update sold items regularly but E&O must be accepted
  3.  I do not buy in parts clothing/rider gear just selling what I have
  4. If you indicate that you want an item I will reserve it for you as I work on a First Come basis (can sort payment etc. later)
    I Do this to be fair to those not in my area.
  5. The Column with $ prices can be ignored.
  6. Please Scroll down due to many parts that can fit more than one model is difficult to sort.
    I encourage buyers to check price with a BMW Dealer to ensure you pay a reasonable price.
    Where no price is indicated and/or part is second hand a fair offer will be considered.
    Parts are what BMW Motorrad left me with when closing us down.
    Some prices may need adjustment & some I will consider a Fair offer.
    Did a Spot check (21/06/2019) on my pricing and it is 40% below Dealer Price.