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Welcome to the BMWMCC year long competition “BAIN’S NAVIGATOR 2023 CHALLENGE”

Register for the challenge by booking your free ticket! {scroll down} 

Your details will be recorded and you will be added to the Bain’s Navigator 2023 WhatsApp Group to receive all the necessary information and updates.


Plan your rides, either solo or with fellow club members and then ride and enjoy the amazing Bain’s Passes!

You have to select 12 of the Bain’s Passes (or more) or others outside of the Western Cape. We will share a list of all the passes and you are welcome to search the internet for more information.. A good place to start is Mountain Passes of South Africa.

On each pass, take a photo (selfie) of you and your motorbike showing the name of the pass. Please do this at a safe designated lookout point.

Send your picture plus a ‘current location’ pin to the unique WhatsApp Broadcast group so that we can monitor and record your progress.

We will post a selection of selfies on Facebook and we will issue a monthly update on the progress of all the contestants on the website and or Club Facebook page.

The challenge commences 1 July 2022,  and ends 30 June 2023.

For further info or questions, send an email to [email protected].

Win the title of BMWMCC Bain’s Navigator 2023! 

Prizes will be added to the competition and awarded to top navigators and photographers.

Prize on offer at this time is a years subscription to https://mountainpassessouthafrica.co.za/

Mountain Passes SA is an ideal source of information for this challenge.  Please go check them out if you are not already a member.

Good luck!



Year Around Event (2022)


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Bain's Navigator 2023 Challenge

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