Club Central Presents Central GauTEN Challenge 2020


Central GauTEN Challenge 2020

  1.  Introduction

1.1 Challenge Background

The effect of COVID 19 was very much underestimated by most and social gatherings within the constraints set by Government will likely remain to a certain extent. At the start of lock-down we already knew it would be extended but not to the extent that we are experiencing thus far, and the expectation is that it may become even worse in some circumstances with the potential of increasing numbers and the reactions thereon. This is a concept to get us riding (It’s all about the ride) and have a little fun doing it while also taking cognisance of the health risk and social distancing requirements.

2.  Mission

Simply to give an opportunity to the club members to exercise their motorcycles and their own motorcycling skills during this time of slightly more relaxed measures and a lowered restriction of movement. The concept is to stay within Gauteng and put up 10 waypoints to visit during either a round trip or several trips that need to be photo documented and sent to a designated whatsapp number / mail once finalised. The winners, everyone completing the mission, earns a T-Shirt and a Central GauTEN Challenge 2020 bubble sticker. The waypoints are structured to circumnavigate our Province, but you can create many routes to do so and, in the process, building some local memories with little pressure.

3.  Execution

3.1 Operation Concept

The plan will be executed in two phases. During Phase One, members receive the brief via our Virtual Noggin and our digital channels and plan their own approach to finishing the Challenge. Phase two will therefore be the execution and participants are given until the end of August to complete, where members then document their GauTEN journey while maintaining social distancing. They may start right after receipt of any one of the briefs. The mailing address as well as the whatsapp number to submit the portfolio of evidence to will be shared during the Challenge. The complete Challenge proof (photos etc) must be submitted on the same day to ensure the correct grouping. In addition to the ten waypoints there are also ten additional tasks that participants need to perform – mostly pictures – and submit with the completion.

3.2 Phase One:  Putting it together

The following ten waypoints make up the Challenge:

  • The Sammy Marks Museum east of Pretoria plus Cullinan (Combo)
  • Nan Hua Buddhist Temple, Bronkhorstspruit plus Anton Smit artwork (Big Head) outside Bronkhorstspruit (Combo)
  • Stone Church in Heidelberg
  • Gas Monkey Pub and Grill in Bedworth Park, Vanderbijlpark plus Rossi Sports Bar (Combo)
  • Goldfields West Golf Course, Carletonville
  • Wimpy Magaliesburg plus Greensleeves Medieval Kingdom (Combo)
  • Hekpoort Total Garage PLUS Cradle of Humankind Entrance (Combo)
  • Krugersdorp Town Hall
  • Smuts House Museum, Irene
  • Roodeplaat Dam Nature Reserve

The header page and appendix lists pictures of the waypoints as visual guides on what to include in your photo proof. The following additional ten tasks need to be “performed” during your Challenge and note that it gets done only once. Therefore, if the task requires a fuel slip for instance, it implies only one fuel slip on the route or at one point. You may choose to perform up to a maximum of two of the additional tasks at any one waypoint. These tasks are:

  • Picture of a “special” mask, funny, weird, great etc
  • Picture of a fuel slip
  • Picture of an obscured number plate
  • Selfie / normal photo without mask / helmet at start of journey holding a card of your name and your T-shirt size displayed
  • Picture – 3 or more stacked rocks / stones representing a beacon
  • Picture – beverage container on motorcycle
  • Picture – web membership card, if family member, simply note it with the picture. *** Tip: This membership card becomes available when you register on the club website. If you need assistance you can call our club secretary Siobhan on 084 398 4400 and set a time that she can walk you through
  • Picture – a menu at one of the waypoints or on the way to a waypoint
  • One interesting fact about a waypoint – any one
  • One interesting statistic about a waypoint – any one

3.3 Phase Two: Trips

  • Plan and follow your own routes (nothing to stop you to add a bike or two in small groups) to start to hit all the waypoints
  • As additional assistance one representative will take two points at a time over a weekend and we will publish that the first ten respondents to that member are welcome to follow (at a distance) from a pre-determined point of the committee members choosing. We do this maximum 5 times until end August. You’re welcome to share your plan with the committee to put your intent out there to get guys to join you (at a distance).
  • During this time social gatherings are still discouraged, and all measures must be observed like wearing of masks (when helmet is off) and preferably access to a small hand sanitizer.
  • Pictures are sent once all ten waypoints are completed. No group pictures (welcome to take these and post separately) for Challenge submission and only the participant picture in the photo (plus maybe pillion if any) to enable qualification. However, if you bring a non-club member friend along you may include him / her. To note that only paid up members will qualify to earn the prizes though. Other empty bikes are allowed in the pic.
  • T- shirts and stickers will be handed out at or around the Sep Noggin timeline. Part of submission must be your T-Shirt size on the selfie as indicated.

3.4 Out of Phase : Postmortem

The Postmortem will be conducted circa after the Sep 2020 Noggin. Further contingency planning may flow from this and I trust that you will succeed in creating a fun trip / trips throughout.

4.  Specific Tasks for Members:

4.1 Phase One

  • Ensure you get the information via any of our channels – this instruction. Plan your trip or plan to “wing it”.
  • BEFORE you start or at least soon after, send us a mail to tell us that you will be starting and participating in the Challenge. Mail address to use: [email protected]

4.2 Phase Two

  • Exercise your bikes and skills and mainly have fun doing it
  • Invite a friend from outside the club to assist with the pics and stuff 😊 (Optional)
  • Record your progress and start building your “portfolio of evidence”
  • All members must be covered with helmet or mask in pictures (disqualified on that leg if not), excluding the picture at the start
  • We trust that there will be strong ethics applied befitting a Club brand ambassador
  • For people not wanting to venture out there – we intend to run the Challenge again after all lock down measures have been scrapped. We may add a twist
  • At the end of the challenge submit your trip record to the committee member assigned, on the channel assigned, as per complimenting instructions that will follow. Keep your ear on the ground…. or on your phone

4.3 Out of Phase : Postmortem

  • Provide feedback towards postmortem.

5. Schedule 

5.1 Timing:

  • First Date of Launch:  07 July 2020 at the Virtual Noggin – Done
  • Duration:                     From launch to the End of  August 2020

6. Conclusion:

We may follow a similar concept for some time still and it is important that we do not expose members to pointless risks. We have put this on the table for the sake of much needed activity to maintain the sense of belonging and to assist our members in their own emotional wellbeing and ensuring that the oil seals on our bikes don’t perish through non-use. As we know, exercising is both recommended and allowed within certain constrains and we are providing an avenue for it to take place. We trust that the photo concept and allocated waypoints and additional tasks will provide an element of fun. Although a funny pose is not a requirement, it will increase your fun-factor even if it is just an enthusiastic wave. Onward with some throttle therapy so we can create other memories of 2020 besides little spikey ball images.