Chairman’s Report – April 2021

Committee Members:

  • Chairman: Martin Verrall – 0823203119
  • Vice Chairman: Francois Terblanche – 0825552909
  • Secretary: Delene Venter – 0846006003
  • Treasurer: Elize Venske – 0723732651
  • PRO: – Charl Gerber – 0813916652
  • Member: – Trevor Venske – 0836770455

The committee would like to welcome all new members to the club.

April Social Evening:

The social was held on the 14th April at the German Club.   We had a nice turnout. The Chairperson gave some feedback on the club related issues and the breakfasts run to Africanos/ Kirkwood.  A few newcomers were introduced to the club.

Thereafter, the meeting was closed.  All enjoyed a nice evening with the usual excellent hospitality from the German club. Also thanks to Kevin Swanepoel for lighting the fire for the members to braai. We would also like to congratulate Michelle Epstein on passing her motorbike license.

Breakfast Run organised by Martin and Laraine

Breakfast Ride to Africanos – Kirkwood – 18th April 2021

We met on Sunday at Continental Motorrad on a perfect morning for riding; we had a great turnout of 59 members with 45 bikes and one scooter.  After having a hot cup of coffee and cookies, thanks to Shane and Continental Motorrad, we left for Africanos on the N2.

Martin Verrall took the lead and rode at a constant speed with everybody riding staggered formation behind him which resulted in all the bikes riding safely. At Paterson turn-off we stop for a break to make certain all the bikes were together. Trevor Venske brought up the rear to ensure everyone arrived safely.

The 46 bikes arrived at the venue and enjoyed a lovely breakfast. The members formed small groups and headed back home. Thanks to all that joined and made the day memorable!

Next Social – Will be held on the 12th May @ German Club 18.00pm for 18.30pm.

The monthly attendance prize of R250 was not won so it will roll-over to the May Social and will be R500.

Next Breakfast Ride – Sunday 16th May to Oude Bosch – Eersterivier, Tsitsikamma – more details under events.

Breakfast Run Rides – will be from 8.00 for 08.30 pm from the months of May, June, July and August.

To the whole Committee thank you.


Our club promotes safe riding and therefore we would like to ask the members to ride in staggered formation and always keep the person behind you in site. We also urge the members to stick to the speed limit.  Normally when the club organizes a ride, the group will re-group at certain points on route to ensure that all are safe and that you didn’t get lost.  Also members must ride in their own comfort zone. We trust that you would enjoy the festivities of the club and looking forward to seeing you and your partner at the next club event.

For a bit of humour:

An engineering student is walking on campus one day, when another engineer student rides up on a shiny new motorcycle.
“Where did you get such a functional bike?” asked the first.
The second engineer replied: “Well, I was walking along yesterday minding my own business when a beautiful woman rode up on this bike. She threw the bike to the ground, took off all her clothes, spread her arms wide and said: “Take what you want.”
The second engineer nodded approvingly: “Good choice; the clothes probably wouldn’t have fitted.”

Paddy and Murphy are having’ a pint in the pub, when some scuba divers come on the TV. Paddy says, “Murphy, why is it that deep sea divers always sit on the side of the boat with them air tanks on their backs, and fall backwards out of the boat?” Murphy thinks for a minute then says, “That’s easy. It’s ‘cos if they fell forwards, they’d still be in the friggin boat!”


Quote of the day:

“Peace is God’s road sign on the path of His will for you.” –Rick DeArmand

To all the members and committee have a wonderful and Safe Month.