BMWMCC … AGM minutes 30th March 2021


BMW Motorrad Club Cape
AGM minutes
30 March 2021


1. WELCOME … Wouter announced we would commence with the AGM as we have a quorum. He said that he wished to change the order of the meeting and talk to the members as chairman after the business of the meeting.

2. APOLOGIES: Henie Botha; Jacqui; Conrad; Craige Liss; Joerg Sehrer; Brian Loopstra; Karen Verhulp; Neels Wilken

Proposer: Geoff Russell
Seconder: Ian Verhulp

Wouter told us he has served three years/terms as chairman and he wished to thank the committee for working with him and said it’s been an immense privilege. He said he has learnt and grown a lot as a person in this club, he thanked each club member for the trust and care shown amongst club members. Even in difficult personal times for him he wanted to be with friends here in the club and that is what makes the club great. He thanked all the members of the committee and assured the members that whoever he introduced as the next chair on the 27 April, he has the utmost faith in that person because of working with such amazing people in this committee. He hoped we would have some ladies on the committee soon.

5. TREASURER’S REPORT – David gave a brief outline of the club’s finances. Due to Covid19 a short period between now and last AGM, it could not cover as much as previous years. The club is in good financial standing and we have an excess of funds which we will spend on the members at various events. David mentioned that he took over from Magda after her unexpected resignation from the committee. David thanked Anne Connell and asked Andy to convey the club’s thanks. He mentioned getting Ian Verhulp as signatory of the bank account and it’s been a difficult process and resulted in himself been locked out by the bank as a safety measure. Due to that we were unable to pay the venue for the off-road training on time, he apologised to Anne-Marie and the training team. 2020 revenue was down from R94 000 to R72 000. Total income was R82 000 and total expenses R39 000 because of no Christmas party or profit was almost R43 000. The new committee will have the challenge of allocating/spending the excess cash. Bank Balance is R220 00. Expenses include R4500 bank charges, members benefits/social events R13 000. The first club meeting at this venue drinks on the club R5500, trailer storage R4500. Ride leader reimbursements R10 000. The full report is available on request and we will post on the website as well.
Wouter thanked David for the astute and professional manner in which he takes care of the club’s financial matters, we couldn’t wish for any better.

6.1 No new motions submitted

Committee members’ roles & responsibilities … Wouter summarised the committee as it is and said we will be updated with regards the new committee structure. All present committee members are available for re-election and since there are no nominations received there will be no voting needed. These committee members will be carried into the new term.

Current Committee – Available for re-election New members – Available for election
Wouter de Vos
Geoff Russel
Ian Verhulp
Arno Rossouw
Rouen Williams
David ffoulkes
Donavan Daniels

1. Finance Report: Available to all members on request and any detailed question can be forwarded to David our Treasurer.
2. Alan from BMW Motorrad Stellenbosch gave a brief outline of the plans for the GS Trophy, it will be a combined event with BMW Motorrad Cape Town.

9. Next AGM 29th March 2022