BMWMCC … Monthly meeting Minutes 27th April 2021

David welcomed all present and thanked them for attending on Freedom Day. The chairman gave a brief description of the new committee names and roles. Firstly, thanked Wouter for his service and dedication as previous chairman. David spoke about focusing on the fun part of the club and referred to a story that Geoff told at the last meeting, although of a serious nature he told it with humour and a light-hearted approach.
David spoke about Donavan who recently joined the committee but is organising the marshals and doing a great job. Thanked Arno and the training team, all the behind-the-scenes work. Said we as a club appreciate them and are privileged to have them in the club. He praised Rouen [referred to him as a fox terrier] always following up with ride info and push to get rides on our events calendar. He thanked Geoff and Ian, said Geoff always want to see people have a good time and we can look forward to more trips on offer. We have a fantastic team on the committee.
He mentioned that those that offered their time to serve the club often take criticism and that’s not a bad thing, he hopes people will do it in a constructive helpful way because the committee wants to ensure they do what the members collectively want in their club. We have a YOCO payment machine for quick payment if someone wants to join the club either on a training event or one of our rides. We need to rebuild because our membership numbers have dropped due to Covid.
What will we do as a committee? The breakfast rides are well attended approx. 20 to 25 bikes each time which is a good number without splitting the group which we are required to do in excess of 20 bikes.
We would want to get more high-profile speaker to chat at our meetings, David mentioned a number of speakers he did enquiries about and they ask between R30k and R60k for 45 min and we need to paid their accommodation and travel cost. {not what we have in mind] The agent suggested a mentalist at R10k and Ed said he would do it for half that amount. We will look for more affordable people with interesting topics. Craig Less suggested having some of the experienced members talk about a route they road with enough detail that an inexperienced person could be inspired and want to do themselves. David said we have a number of business people in the club we could have them talk about their business. Networking? Ed Dawson suggested a data base on the site showing business connection so members could look there for a product or service before going elsewhere. We need more suggestions and we would like to see more people attending the club meetings. Simon also said what he like is if he has a day off and would like to ride, he would like to join members as a spur of the moment ride. Rouen encouraged him to post in the community section and or join some of the WA groups within the club. Simon wants to do off-road rides but not on his own so would be happy to be in a group. Rouen encouraged Simon or anyone to start such a group and thought that other members would enjoy hearing about the rides at our meetings.
Craig and Simon chatted about not been able to chat informally on the club FB and used the example of Steve Jones’s off-road ride. Rouen spoke briefly about the club Facebook that there are a number of admins and its not open to all to post so that the space is protected from spam. Rouen has and will post any request from a member and once posted the member can comment and join the ride or make arrangements.
David thanked the members participation and said we want more of the two-way communication.
He further explained that we would use other members to run the meetings i.e., Geoff, Wouter and others that are comfortable with speaking to the members. He encouraged anyone to step-up and offer to run the meeting. Ed suggested that at the breakfast rides if we don’t mind if he knows where we having breakfast could he simply meet us there after his own route?

2. APOLOGIES Ian & Karen Verhulp; Jakkie; Arno; Wes Dawson; Mike Henderson;

Proposer: Andy Froggatt
Seconder: Daleen Van Zyl

Name Present
Neil Le Sueur Yes
Jurge Seure Yes
Malcom Farge Yes

Three new members present, stood and spoke about themselves.

5. NEW BIKES: Craig’s friend got a sticker,
Prince Albert and the passes 18th– 22nd March 2021 by Simon Groves
Simon got awarded a BMW coffee mug and David thanked him for sharing his ride videos with the club.


• 10th April … Craig told us about the off-road ride to Oasis with Steve Jones, 5 bikes they had a great day Simon videoed the ride they had the venue to themselves. Steve chatted to the group checked tyre pressure and all was good. Craig had a miner incident of dropping his bike but nothing serious.
• 11th April breakfast ride Prince Alfred’s Hamlet … Rouen gave a brief account of the day’s ride 20 people and 17 bikes, good weather and well served breakfast at a venue that we had virtually to ourselves. He thanked Ed for a great job as sweeper, often coming to the front of the group when we stopped to let the leader know all is well and the group stayed together.
a) 18th April Off road training Anura … Anna-Marie told us about the day, the group of 16 people mostly level 1, a pillion couple and 5 level 2. One of the GS Trophy winners Cobus was there and loved been involved. Two groups were formed Arno and Theo did the level 2 group and Neels and Karel did the level 1 group. Hanalie Zondag joined the group later and did a few practice loops. She is training for Free state and Southern Cape teams as a qualifier. It was a hot day and a bit crowed due to the KTM revel on the same day. She agreed that the number of attendees were good for the level 1 & 2 otherwise the trainers cannot give enough individual attention. They very happy with the new trainers and the team working well together. Simon asked if there is any other training i.e. sand training, Anna-Marie said they are planning but it will depend on the numbers and a few other external factors as well weather. Anna-Marie elaborated on the four disciplines and that will be planned for the future. The question was asked by Wayne, once you have done the training where can a person practice, Anna-Marie said they could contact her and arrangements can be made. It can be integrated into the training day.
b) 25th April breakfast ride Stellenbosch flying club … Donavan told us about his breakfast and that he changed the route, we did the four passes. The group 17 bikes stayed together a nice tight group rode well. He thanked Rouen for the sweeping and confidence of having him at the back of the group. A few of the guys went ahead in the pass but waited for the group at the bottom. Nobody went astray or got lost. Our timing was such that we got there just before the lunch menu kicked in. We all had a great breakfast except one person waited with his order so that he could have lunch. It was a chilled atmosphere and we watch a few planes come and go. Everybody had a good time.


a) 1st May International Female riders’ day … Anna-Marie spoke about the plans for the IFRD what to expect and where they will meet for this the 15th year of riding, we got a bit of the history and the idea behind it is to encourage ladies to ride. 2019 was the first year that ladies from Muslim countries could participate. There will be a charity and our group will go to the donkey sanctuary, we not expecting a large group this year which is disappointing. They will announce the meeting place, hoping for Donford Stellenbosch with coffee and muffins.
The invitation has gone out and ladies can join with cars if they haven’t got their bikes
b) 9th May Breakfast ride Botrivier … leader Mike Henderson, Rouen asked Ed to talk about the route, scenic ride along the coast passing through Somerset West, Gordons Bay, Rooiels, Betty’s Bay and Kleinmond to our final destination at the Botriver Hotel which has been revamped under new management.
c) 9th May on/off road ride pillion friendly … Steve Jones. Rouen explained the planned route as per the post on the website and Facebook. 500 km in total. Same day as Mike’s ride but what a great mix to have a on and off-road ride on the same day for the members to chose from. A few people discussed the conditions in the bad weather and Anna-Marie said she has a contact and that she will speak to Steve about the conditions.
d) 15th May Beginners off road outride … Anna-Marie said the invitation will go out to members who did the level 1 training, The cost R200 members and R250 non-members. It will be advertised on website and Facebook. The trainers that lead the ride will stop the group and discuss the various section and check equipment a number of times and add some instructions while on the route. It’s the confidence builder a rider needs, the meet up point will be Pot Belly. All members will be welcome.
e) 23rd May Breakfast ride TBA … Geoff Russell, keep an eye on the website and our Facebook page.

9. General
a) David announced the club is looking for a suitable treasurer and the requirements. David explained that he is doing both roles but we need someone to perform the treasurer role. David explained the person needs to be a member foe a minimum of 1 year comfortable with Excel, an accounting background is not needed but an advantage. A few suggestions were made in jest and various answer offered in good spirit.
Wouter said he heard from Emma that Froggy is a real treasure, Daleen said Excel in below her pay grade.
Ed had his hand up so Rouen thought he is good with Excel.
Ed asked about the mystery treasure ride and if we will do it again? Wouter will be planning that.
David said we have an interesting speaker for our next meeting.
David encouraged members to check the website for details on the GS Trophy and to support.
Andy spoke about the marshal get away weekend to Rusty Gate, the braai, the outride lead by Andy swept by Donavan, the breakfast at Napier and then they left for home on Sunday with breakfast at Elgin Railway market.

Next Meeting – 25th May 2021