BMW Motorrad Club Cape Minutes 29 September 2020

BMW Motorrad Club Cape                                                                     

Minutes of meeting 29th Sept 2020

  1. WELCOME Wouter welcomed the members and called for a moments silence in remembrance of Charles
  2. APOLOGIES Ian & Karen Verhulp, Tim Ried, Magda Le Roux, John Carr, Wes Dawson, Henk Smith. 
  • Proposer: Mike Henderson
  • Seconder: David Ffoulkes
  • Name
Braam Cilliers No
Abby de Beer No
Henry de Beer No
Nuno Ferreira de Souza No
Alex van der Horst No
Matt Cullinan No
Theo Reyneke No
Willem Botes No
Jarred Gibor No
Marcus Twine No
Peter van Rensburg No
Albertus Hamman Yes
  1. NEW BIKES: Carl Koch, Simon Groves, Alister Campbell, Mike Henderson.
  2. TRIP REPORTSCarried over
  4. 6th Sept breakfast ride … Carl Koch gave us an account of the ride including taking over as ride leader due to John having serious tyre damage on the way to the meeting point.
  5. 12th & 13th Sept Overnight ride Arniston … Rouen spoke about the overnight ride, the route and ride there, the hotel and comradie and fun had by the members as well the icy cold return ride.
  6. 20th Sept breakfast ride all about beans … Donavan gave us description of the breakfast ride, the venue member turnout and the return ride.
  7. 20th Sept training Anura … Anna-Marie brought us up to date on the training as well as the changes at Anura, the restaurant and future training by our BMW accredited trainers.
  9. 4th October breakfast ride to Greyton …. Geoff told us about the upcoming breakfast ride to and the numbers interested and that we will split into two groups.
  10. 18th October MotorGP gentlemen’s ride … Rouen explained the ride and venue as well as how to get your free ticket on the website as a logged in member. This is a club sponsored event and limited to members only and venue restriction due to Covid19 level 1
  11. 25th October training Anura … Anna-Marie include this future training in her chat above.
  12. 27th October AGM … Wouter called the members attention to the upcoming AGM.
  13. General
  • Announcement regarding committee members standing or leaving and call for nominees – Wouter spoke about the changing in committee member, Charles will not be serving for obvious reasons. Others Stepping down at the AGM will be John Carr and Andy Connell.
  • Official notification of AGM 27th October – Rouen made the official announcement of the AGM and said it is posted on the club website as per constitution. He then read the procedure of nominations for new committee members as well as for the submission of a motion at the AGM.
  • Wouter spoke about the Club YouTube channel and the videos posted about exploring the clubs website.

Next Meeting – 27th October 2020 [AGM and club meeting]