BMW Clubs: The Book

Source: BMW Group Classic

BMW Clubs: The Book, introduced at the 2022 BMW Clubs International Council Meeting, is a tremendous accomplishment and is the result of great work by the BCIC umbrella clubs, BMW Club and Community Management (BCCM), and BMW Group Classic.

There is a way that every BMW Club member may have their own copy to appreciate the vast numbers and locations of BMW clubs and the terrific photography contained within the book. We have uploaded a PDF version of BMW Clubs: The Book to our website for you to download the book to read at your leisure. The document is listed as “BMW Clubs Worldwide”

BMW Clubs: The Book is also a great tool to demonstrate the global and local presence of BMW Clubs and the importance of BMW Clubs and their members to the BMW Group sales and service infrastructure around the world. We encourage our members to enjoy the book and to continue being vital players in sharing the BMW experience throughout the BMW community.

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